How to Make Basic Electronic Measurement with Digital Meter

Know-How-To properly and safely utilize an analog or digital multimeter to make resistance, voltage and current measures

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How to  Make Basic Electronic Measurement with Digital Meter


This is a must-have knowledge-skills and competence driven course to master and utilize an electric measurement tool such as the analog or digital multi-meter. The course covers the theory of operation of most common types of analog and digital multi meters whether a home version or a lab version meter.

You will learn the proper and safe procedures to set up a DMM in order to analyze electrical quantities on electronic components or circuits.

You will utilize a DMM to take measurements of electrical resistance on a component or circuit.

You will know-how to test low voltage live power supplies or circuits under voltage.

You will perform electrical current readings from live circuits or components.

What You Will Learn!

  • Properly set up and calibrate electrical meter to take electrical measurements
  • Identify basic electronic components
  • Utilize analog and digital multimeter to measure electrical quantities
  • Properly take electrical measurements with analog and digital meter
  • How to test continuity and resistance in a circuit or component
  • Take reading of voltage from electrical source or circuit component
  • Safely take measurement of electrical current in a circuit or component

Who Should Attend!

  • Students in electrical and electronics or computer hardware technology
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to properly use analog or digital multimeter



  • Electronics
  • Electrical Engineering






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