This Course is Guaranteed... to Get You Results in 8 Unique Ways...


The 8 Crucial Things this Course Will Help You Do ...

Teaching music (formal and informal) for 17 years I've noticed one thing ....

Learning music does NOT have to be difficult to be effective. 

In fact, most would agree some of the best music is 
easy to play (3 chords). Am I right??

Simple is good...but this is even better...

When your done with just a few lessons you'll be able to
play and write some great sounding songs by simply 
applying what you learn. If your a beginner you'll be amazed
at how quickly long hidden concepts "snap" into place.

You'll learn to connect ALL the dots and inspire you to master 
an instrument.   

This PROVEN course will show you how to:

  • Quickly begin playing cool chords and songs (NO twinkle little star)
  • Figure things out by ear and create your own tunes with what you learn
  • Learn to write REAL songs with my fail-safe songwriting stencil
  • Easily get scales/chords and how to use them to play in any key fast
  • Avoid common pitfalls of learning an instrument and jump WAY ahead
  • Grab 100+ custom PDF's to help you better comprehend through visuals
  • Save $thousands$ in lessons by getting 'how it all fits together' 100%
  • Your friends will literally FREAK out when they hear you play after the course

You'll be surprised when you discover...

When you get done with this course you'll have a better more sturdy
grasp on the musical system than most people get in a lifetime.

I am spilling the beans and not holding back anything in this course.

Here are ALL the tricks and tips I learned from pros in the industry
taken from over 25 total years of total experience.

Also, enjoy all the extra free stuff I've included for you!

I'm looking forward to your testimonial and enjoy the course!

Cheers, Stu

PPS - You don't have to decide right now - take 30 days to
preview the course with Udemy's guarantee to ensure your getting
what you want and need out of it. :)

PPS - Do NOT listen to folks that tell you your too old <= thats b********t!

What You Will Learn!

  • Understand How Chords Work
  • Understand How Scales Work
  • Understand How Keys Work
  • Understand How Music Works...
  • Understand How Songs Work (how to write)

Who Should Attend!

  • Folks that are tired of messing around and want to cut through the smoke and mirrors!
  • Folks that want to really understand how it all 'fits together' and how to apply the knowledge
  • People that want to play better than most private teachers in under ONE year
  • People that want to take what they learn here and explore other instruments (the info in this course will show you this!)



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  • Guitar
  • Music Theory






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