Introduction to Family History Research

An all round introduction to the basics of genealogy (Family History) Research. What stories might your ancestors tell?

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Introduction to Family History Research


This genealogy (family history) course covers tried and tested techniques that are proven to work for finding your ancestors; your genealogy.  Regular, monthly updates emailed to students.

Based on English and Welsh records (parish registers and birth, marriage and death) the techniques covered within are applicable to family history research in any country. Monthly updates cover worldwide research.

This course includes video, slides, articles, top tips, exercises, handouts, templates, downloadable resources and further homework should you choose to undertake this. The course is structured into 7 sections: Start Here, Why Research Family History, How to Start, Recording Your Research, Databases and Indexes, Vital Records and a Summary. This course will take between 2 and 2.5 hours to thoroughly complete.

If you are thinking of starting research into your family history, or have just started this is the course for you. Delivered by an experienced, qualified and professional genealogist and trainer, Robert Parker will share his secrets for finding your ancestors. 

What stories might your ancestors tell?

What You Will Learn!

  • appreciate why you are researching your family tree
  • understand the starting point for your research
  • realise the importance of record keeping
  • identify databases available for identifying potential ancestors, and how to use these effectively
  • distinguish the vital records available to help identify your ancestors
  • list 'what to do' and 'what not to do' in your family history research
  • regular monthly updates through educational announcements

Who Should Attend!

  • Those interested in their ancestors and their family history.
  • Those just starting their family history research.
  • Those who have just started their family history research
  • Those who wish to refresh their skills.
  • This course is probably NOT suitable for professional genealogists (Family historians) as it is an introduction course



  • Genealogy
  • Research Methods






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