Intuition and Mindfulness for Work & Life

Shortcut your decision making, enhance creativity, all while reducing your stress!

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Intuition and Mindfulness for Work & Life

What You Will Learn!

  • Learn to define intuition and mindfulness and understand how they can be used in work and life.
  • Explore how intuition manifests for you and use that knowledge to sharpen your intuitive skills.
  • Learn mindfulness and meditation techniques for developing intuition, reducing stress and solving problems.
  • Utilize tools for better communication with others, greater self-awareness and tapping into your unique potential.
  • Discover creative solutions to challenges and find greater purpose through mindfulness activities.


If you’ve ever followed a hunch or gut feeling in a business decision when no data was available, only to later learn that it was the best choice at the time or...if you’ve ever seen, heard or felt an inexplicable sign that turned out to be a red flag that something was wrong or a green light that you were on the right track, then, whether you realize it or not, you’ve already begun tapping into your intuition. And for most of us, we use it more than we realize. However, unlike the common misconception that you have it or you don't, intuition can be developed and trained – just like a muscle. By consciously acknowledging it, and discovering how and when you use it, you can access this powerful tool and apply it to all aspects of your life.

In this course, we provide activities, meditations and other tools that walk you through step-by-step how to draw upon your intuition more quickly and effectively, while also providing the most current research that supports why and how it works. One major factor in developing intuition is mindfulness. By practicing mindfulness, we learn to trust our inner knowing. The added benefits are stress reduction and greater self-awareness and social awareness. This leads to the ability to navigate life’s challenges and relationships with greater ease.

This power-packed course is divided into five sections that include: identifying how you receive intuitive information; learning to validate the accuracy of what you are receiving; applying intuition in a business setting and when meeting new people; exploring mindfulness tools and best practices; and breaking down barriers (such as mindset or stress) that hinder our intuitive decision making.

Whether you are exploring mindfulness and tapping into your intuition for the first time, or seek to deepen your practice, this course will offer guidance to meet you where you are, supporting you in creating a better life for yourself by clarifying your purpose, teaching you how to remain grounded (no matter what the challenge), and through developing empathy for those around you. Once you complete this course, you will have a solid foundation for accessing your amazing potential.

Who Should Attend!

  • Take this course if you have an interest in developing your own intuition and mindfulness and using them in your career and personal life.
  • This course is ideal for anyone seeking to enhance communication among people with whom they work, become more productive in business and life and reduce stress.