Build Outstanding Java Apps with JavaFX much faster

Launch a beautiful Java app by the end of the week. Learn smarter Programming with the JavaFX GUI Framework.

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Build Outstanding Java Apps with JavaFX much faster


This course has been updated on 10th September!

- Real life application examples have been added (See section 7 & 8)


Create professional and visual appealing software in very short time. Realise your software idea until the end of this week. Make it happen!

JavaFX is a fantastic GUI-Framework for Java, by Oracle. JavaFX lets you realise and publish your software dream very quickly. The software can easily be exported for Mac OS, Windows or Linux.

This course is of highest quality! No uhms, no blurry picture. Professional equipment was used to record the videos of this course.

What will you learn?:

  • Create awesome user interfaces that will impress everyone
  • Use CSS to create user interfaces
  • Learn the very important MVC-Pattern
  • Manage hundreds of UI controls (buttons, tables, choice boxes, ...)
  • Get Familiar with Java programming, (it is really not that hard)
  • Learn to create real life example java applications (Updated on 10th September)

Develop the GUI of your application independently of the application logic. This makes updating at a later time very flexible. The GUI is created in XML and can be integrated into the application independently. This is a superior technology that is only rising in popularity now!

You will also learn how to integrate data in the program with the object model. This touches Object Oriented Programming. I will not specifically teach OOP, but if you follow what I show you, you will understand it easily.

Everything you need for this course is freely available. I will not try to sell you something.

My Promise to you:

Every single video in this course is dense learning material without distraction. No promotion, no endless Introduction. I will get straight to the point, but teach you everything from Step 1.



  • Little to no experience in programming (Java or other language)
  • Hungriness to learn crazy coding skills
  • Interest in learning new technical skills

It is very likely that you know the basics of Java at the end of this course. So practically you learn 2 things in one!

All tools that you need for the development with JavaFX, are freely available and I will show you in detail how you download and install them.

3 Reasons for taking this course:

  • Thorough Teaching: I will share knowledge with you that took myself years to learn.
  • Individual Support: If you are stuck, I help you personally as soon as I can.
  • Technical Excellence: All videos are 720HD quality. The Audio is professional recorded.

Become a Java Programmer today! Sign up now!

Cheers, Jonas Schindler

What You Will Learn!

  • create own, innovative software very quickly
  • apply the MVC pattern to create better software
  • develop a working software within a day
  • create your own finance planer, exercise planer, notebook or customer management system

Who Should Attend!

  • This course is targeting beginners of programming who have little to know experience
  • Experienced developers can learn a powerful new technique to enhance software projects



  • Java
  • JavaFX






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