Leadership Principles: Transformational Leadership & Culture

The Nine Principles of Transformational Leadership That Build Brand Value & Winning Teams and Culture

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Leadership Principles: Transformational Leadership & Culture

What You Will Learn!

  • The student will learn why principles are at the core of effective leadership.
  • The student will be offered nine principles that have proven to be central to all great leaders.
  • You will be asked to examine your own principles and commit to those principles.
  • You will be asked to consult with your team and associate managers on how principles can be put to work in your organization.


You will succeed as a leader if you create trust and respect, and challenge your team toward a worthy purpose. That is what you will gain from this course.

Great leaders know their principles, their beliefs, and ethics. Now, perhaps more than ever, we need leaders who are grounded in a set of principles that makes them trustworthy and worthy of our dedication. Leaders generate dedication and loyalty based on their adherence to principles.  

This course is for all leaders, those aspiring to leadership, and for entrepreneurs who have the golden opportunity to create a culture that will attract the best talent and promote high performing teams.

The purpose of this course is not to prescribe principles, but to offer for consideration and discussion, a set of nine principles upon which transformational leadership can be based. Your personal brand, and the brand equity of your organization is trustworthiness that can only be established by the consistent adherence to worthy principles. This brand equity is the basis of both career success and corporate success in the marketplace. It is an asset. 

The instructor has more than forty years coaching leaders and leading cultural transformation in dozens of Fortune 100 companies like Corning, Shell Oil Company, 3M, Xerox and others. He is the author of ten books on leadership.

  • "Great course, .--Great Fundamentals of Leadership...The Character as a one of the main values." Arturo Olvera

  • "Really enjoyed this course! A lot of great information and the instructor was very knowledgeable!" Vanessa Wright

  • "Wow, this is a dynamic leadership training. Highly recommend. Thanks for the excellent guidance." Robin Richardson

Who Should Attend!

  • Managers, Entrepreneurs and those aspiring to become effective leaders of people, teams and organizations.



  • Ethics
  • Leadership






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