#7 Piano Hand Coordination: Play Piano Runs in 3 Beats 9/4

Learn how to play runs by Ear. Play smoothly without memorizing individual notes so that you can roll your fingers.

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#7 Piano Hand Coordination: Play Piano Runs in 3 Beats 9/4


Learn How To Play Piano Runs in 3 Beats & Coordinate LH & RH when you play a song in 9/4 Times.

In this course, you are going to expand your horizon and start implementing beautiful  piano runs to songs that are in 9/4 time signature. 

Many students have difficulty playing runs smoothly.  When they play runs, they look at individual notes and all the notes roll out mechanically and they don't sound beautiful at all.

Here's the SECRET:  NEVER memorize what notes to play in the runs!  

  • Always think in chords

  • Don't just use one hand to do runs 

  • Learn how to coordinate both hands to do beautiful runs

  • Do not count mechanically as it is very stiff

  • Feel the beat so that you can play in rhythm

  • Don't worry when you hit a wrong note.

In this course, you are going to follow my method to play piano runs in 3 beats:

  1. Play Beautiful Run  in the flow in 3 beats

  2. Learn how to let your fingers flow without counting mechanically

  3. Put both of your hands in chord positions

  4. Learn how to move your LH and RH smoothly

  5. Alternate LH & RH when playing the chords

  6. Coordinate both LH and RH smoothly in the long notes

Learn my Fun Practising Method:

1.  Practice one hand at a time.

2.  Practice with Score sheet so that you know how to fill in the runs.

3. Practice with using Chords + Rhythm notations.

4. Practice with only Chords.

5. Finally practice playing by Ear.

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What You Will Learn!

  • PLAY runs smoothly using chords
  • KNOW how to play runs without memorizing notes
  • PLAY by ear when putting in runs
  • PLAY in the flow and not mechanically when playing many notes
  • KNOW how to play runs in 9/4 songs
  • FIGURE out how to put in different techniques into a song
  • PRACTICE effectively at the piano
  • PLAY along with score sheet
  • PLAY along with chords and rhythm notations

Who Should Attend!

  • Students who want to learn to play by ear
  • Students who want to coordinate both hands easily when playing runs
  • Students who want to take their piano playing to the next level



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