Learn UI5 Compression Automation Task Runner Gulp StarterKit

Learn the new way of development of UI5 App

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Learn UI5 Compression Automation Task Runner Gulp StarterKit


In this Course we have covered the Compression and Performance Improvement of UI5 Application.

- In this Section we will be covering some of the existing tool-kits which will help us to improve the efficiency of UI5 Application.

- We will see how this tools can be utilized and how you can automate your deployment activities with the plugins which are already available. 

- After Completing this section you will be able to understand about gulp plugin which is used to compress UI5 Application and you will be able to understand how to deploy the compressed version of UI5 Application to production with minification, uglification and also you can do testing or automation testing with this Toolkit. This is a powerful framework and we will be focusing our attention to Open UI5.

- We will show you some of the speed improvements parts. When it comes to making a SAPUI5 application and OpenUI5 app async in nature.

- We will highly recommend this course to everyone those who want to understand how to compress your app to increase the performance and also how to use the modern libraries to automate the task runner-up.

What You Will Learn!

  • Best experience of Project with UI5 new Library updates
  • You will Learn the new updates and development paradigm with UI5.

Who Should Attend!

  • UI5 Developers
  • Designers
  • Architects



  • Automation
  • Gulp JS
  • SAPUI5






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