Learn ZBrush with this Beginners Compendium Online Course

Complete Beginners Guide to all Major Features of Pixelogics Zbrush

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Learn ZBrush with this Beginners Compendium Online Course

What You Will Learn!

  • Students will have the ability to undertake Intermediate to advanced tutorials at the end of this course
  • By the end of the course you will understand Zbrush and be able to confidently create your own masterpieces


Learn Pixelogics ZBrush from scratch with this nicely paced course

Do you want to learn ZBrush? Not sure what course to choose?? Well fear not this is PERFECT for you this course is indepth and builds upon learnt topics!

During this course I will show you all the major features and not so majors ones, all with one purpose to get you understanding and able to move on to more complex projects on your own or with another course!

What will we learn?

  1. Opening and exporting tools, views and documents to and from ZBrush
  2. Learn Navigation and the User Interface
  3. Creating and modifying basic objects inside ZBrush
  4. Understanding Subdivitions and how dynamesh and help in the creation process
  5. Learn to do mesh extractions and detail projections
  6. How the brushes work lots of handy tips along the way
  7. Making ZBrush truely your own with custom configurations
  8. A full project using the skills you have been using
  9. Learn to mask, smooth, rotate, Move and scale subtools in ZBrush
  10. Learn to apply paint and materials to your creations (during this course I will show you a special technique for creating great organic skin)
  11. Learn how to light and renders your creations
  12. We also look at how to set custom views and custom document sizes


As a special bonus I have included two additional lectures

  1. How to create hair using Fibre Mesh
  2. How to re pose your creations using T-Pose

I feel this is the most comprehensive beginners guide to Zbrush there is, and remember I am here for you every step of the way!

Get creating masterpieces today with the fantastic ZBrush!!

Who Should Attend!

  • This is a beginners course however intermediates might find it of use
  • This course would be perfect for students looking to explore 3D and ZBrush



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