Master Sales Training for Consumer and Retail Business

Learn Consumer Business Segment & Products, Retail Sales, CRM, Consumer Sales Analytics, Trade offers, Market Support

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Master Sales Training for Consumer and Retail Business

What You Will Learn!

  • Sales Training
  • Consumer Business
  • Retail Business
  • Case Studies
  • Formats of Retail
  • Retail Business Terminologies
  • Ideal selling Process
  • Aids to selling, Trade offer, Market support
  • Role of Analytics/ CRM
  • Buyer-Seller Relationship
  • Coping with online challenge


Master Sales Training for Consumer and Retail Business

Why should you join this course?

Want to reach the C-suite in your retail-oriented organization? Master the tricks of sales biz fast with this course. You’ll get to learn what it takes to make it as a sales professional in a B2C product company- right from knowing the concepts, how to pitch to post-sales service. Learn how to win over offline retail in an increasingly online world.

Kickstart by knowing what are the different formats of retailing and how to pitch to each. The retail world has its own language- concepts normally referred to by retailers, and you master the language first, before making your sales pitch. Learn about OTB, stock turn, weeks on-hand inventory, and more. Then you learn all the work that goes into building a successful sales pitch which starts from the drawing board right up to post-sales service. The course is not prescriptive in how you should build your pitch brick by brick, but it gives a solid framework for you to build onto, based on what is relevant for your product.

Further up, you learn how sales offers are made attractive with support from the marketing and finance departments of your organizations. You also learn data analytics to study what worked and what did not which serves as feedback for subsequent pitches. CRM tools that are crucial to marketing initiatives are further discussed here.

All in all, if you want a full-course meal on retail selling, this is it!

Master Sales Training for Consumer and Retail Business

The sales team of any organization plays an extremely crucial role- it is where the culmination of the entire organization’s efforts towards a goal happens. Selling to businesses requires a more technical understanding of the products. Retail selling (by and large for consumer goods) is less technical, but still not as simple as cold calling on or showing up in a store, presenting products & getting sales. It is a balance of art & science- the art of relationship building & science of data-backed insights that can help achieve the organizational goals- be it turnover, profits, brand presence or even a combination of these. Lot of background work goes into making a successful sale from product spectrum insight, designing, marketing support to launch, post-sale service and analytics. All of these stages will be covered in this module.

The retail business itself has evolved tremendously over the years starting with small neighborhood stores to now online sales. The way to sell to every format of retailing differs considerably because of the nature of operations, the customer profile that frequents the said outlet. Retail formats also differ in nature by ownership & operational arrangement of the store which we will discuss further. There are various terminologies in retail selling that will be covered which are important to understand to make a successful sales pitch to the different kinds of retailing models.

This course covers the following topics in greater detail

Formats of retail

Terminologies to know

Ideal selling process

Feedback from the market


Concept review

Sale Collection

Aids to selling: Trade offers, Marketing support

Role of Analytics/CRM.

Buyer-seller relationship

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Who Should Attend!

  • Sales or Retail professionals or anyone desire to start a career in retail or consumer sales



  • Sales Skills
  • Retail Business
  • Sales Management






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