Maven Crash Course

Create a multi module maven java web applicaiton project in easy steps

Ratings 4.46 / 5.00
Maven Crash Course

What You Will Learn!

  • Learn what Maven is and Why it is so popular
  • Master all the core concepts of Maven
  • Create and Build a project from the command line
  • Work on a end to end java web application usecase
  • Create and build maven projects from eclipse
  • Write,Execute and skip unit tests using Maven
  • Create a maven web application
  • Develop a multi module maven project
  • Understand maven scopes
  • Use Profiles
  • Learn how to configure a jenkins maven build
  • Understand the structure of a Spring boot maven project
  • Use Custom Respository Managers
  • All in simple and easy steps


Sample of the reviews:

Right level of detail. Clear and simple explanation of concepts. Very simple and relevant example to follow. A course that is short and simple, delivering the concepts it set out to do. Well done. - Shahid Mir

I am following Bharath's courses to become a master Java Developer, this was very practical course and it helped me learn some new features with maven. - Bruno Militzer

The instructor Bharath is best when it comes to keeping complex concepts short to the point. Amazing course on Maven, highly recommend. - B.S.Sagar


Apache maven is one of the most popular build and  project management tools in the java world.In this course you will master all the core concepts of Maven while working hands on to create a multi module maven java web application project.

  • You will download and install Maven

  • You will create a standalone project using the maven script from the command line.

  • Understand the Project Object Model

  • Learn all the import concepts such Maven life cycle phases,Maven Project Coordinates,Plugin,Goals and Repositories.

  • Customize the Maven default settings

  • Create a Maven Web Application

  • Using Maven from Eclipse with the aid of m2eclipse plugin

What are the requirements?

  • Java,Eclipse IDE,Tomcat,Maven(Installation is covered in easy setup section)

  • A basic understanding of Java and Java Web Development

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Learn what convention over configuration is and the Maven project structure

  • Apply your understanding of Maven and your ability to build a project using Maven

  • Create and build a java web application using Maven

  • Master all the important concepts of Maven while working hands on

Who Should Attend!

  • Java Developers
  • Students with java background
  • Any one who want to develop and build projects using Maven
  • Java Background and web application development background will help but not required



  • Apache Maven






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