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Implementación del Marketing Mix

En esta especialización ahondaremos en el marketing mix y las habilidades necesarias para implementa...

University/Institute: IE Business School

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Improve Your English Communication Skills

This Specialization helps you improve your professional communication in English for successful busi...

University/Institute: Georgia Institute of Technology

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Improving Leadership & Governance in Nonprofit Organizations

Identify and analyze leadership and governance issues, create practical ways to improve board perfor...

University/Institute: The State University of New York

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Innovation: From Creativity to Entrepreneurship

In a world characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, leaders require inno...

University/Institute: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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Inspirational Leadership: Leading with Sense

This Specialization will help you switch from a top-down leadership, with the emphasis on authority,...

University/Institute: HEC Paris

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Inspired Leadership

In this specialization you will learn how to overcome the ravages of chronic stress and renew your b...

University/Institute: Case Western Reserve University

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International Business Essentials

This specialisation from the University of London is designed to help you develop and build the esse...

University/Institute: University of London

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International Marketing & Cross Industry Growth

This Specialization covers marketing concepts but, more importantly, emphasizes the need by companie...

University/Institute: Yonsei University

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Interviewing and Resume Writing in English

This specialization will help you develop the English language strategies and communication skills y...

University/Institute: University of Maryland, College Park

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Project Management Principles and Practices

This specialization is a precursor to the Applied Project Management Certificate. Project management...

University/Institute: University of California, Irvine

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Investment Management

In this Specialization, you will understand how investment strategies are designed to reach financia...

University/Institute: University of Geneva

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Investment and Portfolio Management

In this four-course Specialization, you'll learn the essential skills of portfolio management and pe...

University/Institute: Rice University

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L'impact investing, la finance qui change le monde

Il est plus que jamais nécessaire de réconcilier la finance et la société au travers de nouvelles pr...

University/Institute: ESSEC Business School

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Leadership Development for Engineers

Engineers wanting to advance their careers must be able to lead teams effectively. This Specializati...

University/Institute: Rice University

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Leading People and Teams

In this specialization, you will learn essential leadership skills, including how to inspire and mot...

University/Institute: University of Michigan

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Leading: Human Resource Management and Leadership

Become an adaptable leader, ready to face the challenges of the disrupted workplace. This Specializa...

University/Institute: Macquarie University

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Liderazgo efectivo para el siglo XXI

El Programa especializado "Liderazgo Efectivo para el Siglo XXI" está dirigido a cualquier persona i...

University/Institute: Universidad de los Andes

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Managerial Economics and Business Analysis

In order to effectively manage and operate a business, managers and leaders need to understand the m...

University/Institute: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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Market Research

"Finding the Story in the Data" is the most important emerging capability for market researchers acc...

University/Institute: University of California, Davis

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Marketing Digital

Esta especialización, te permitirá comprender de un modo teórico-práctico las herramientas que son u...

University/Institute: Universidad Austral

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