Oracle Database Data Guard Administration (12c and 19c)

Take your Oracle DBA knowledge and experience to the next level and become a professional on Data Guard administration

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Oracle Database Data Guard Administration (12c and 19c)

What You Will Learn!

  • Understand the concepts of Oracle Data Guard architecture
  • Create, manage, and monitor Physical and Logical Standby databases
  • Implement and manage Data Guard Broker
  • Perform Role Transitions: Switchover and Failover
  • Implement Fast-Start Failover
  • Implement Oracle Active Data Guard
  • Create and manage Snapshot Standby database
  • Implement client failover in a Data Guard Configuration
  • Use RMAN in a Data Guard environment
  • Implement Rolling Upgrade using DBMS_ROLLING
  • Understand the advanced options in Oracle Data Guard


Learn all about administering Oracle Data Guard (12c and 19c) environments. You will gain hands-on experience on performing all the fundamental administration tasks a DBA may need to manage a Data Guard environment.

The course is built-up of lectures that describe the concepts of a subject and practice lectures that allow you to practically implement what you have learnt in the concepts lecture. They are all demonstrated by videos and supported with downloadable files, such as scripts and code examples. The practice lectures do not leave you implement the exercises alone, they are all accompanied with demonstration videos.

If your target is learning all about the fundamental Oracle Data Guard administration with concentration on the practical side, then you are in the right place.

Who Should Attend!

  • This course is designed for Oracle Database Administrators who would like to use Oracle Data Guard
  • Those DBAs who already have experience on Oracle Data Guard, this course is NOT for them.



  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle Data Guard






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