Play Piano 14: Improvise on Moon River by Ear Power Chords

Learn how to do transfer chord to do flowing Improvisation. Dress up Moon River with 2-5 chords for music arrangement.

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Play Piano 14: Improvise on Moon River by Ear  Power Chords

What You Will Learn!

  • IDENTIFY the basic chords to the song Moon River
  • DRESS up the music from its basic form to advance chords
  • UNDERSTAND how chord substitution works in a song
  • LISTEN to the chord progression of a song
  • KNOW how to improvise over the chord progression of a song
  • APPLY 2-5 Power chords to the song


Play Piano 14:  Play Popular Songs By Ear Using Chord Progression!  Improvise & Put 2-5 Power Chords to "Moon River"  + WORKBOOKS

I have developed this Amazing 2-5 Power Chord Reharmonization Method to help you gain success to playing your favorite standards.

 2-5 Power Chords are found in many standards and popular movie themes.  They make rich full sounds that will captivate your audience wanting more.

In this song "Moon River", I show you how to take a tune from its basic harmony  ( I  IV  V7 )  to advanced sophisticated chords.  

"Moon River" is composed by Henry Mancini in 1961 with lyrics written by Johnny Mercer.  The song won the year's Academy Award for Best Original Song.  It was originally sung in the movie "Breakfast Tiffany's" by Audrey Hepburn.  In 1962, the song won the Grammy Award Record of the year.

Here's the Secret to this Song:  The Basic Chord progression constantly move between Chord I and Chord IV.  You often see the progression moving from C - F - C - F - C - F - C.  The song uses a lot of chord extensions of the color chords so that you don't need to make too many changes to the basic chords.. You will also discover 2 chord patterns of this song: moving down in 3rds and moving in the Circle of 5ths.

We are going to follow a Play by Ear Procedure:

First, we need to establish a harmonic foundation to the song with basic chords so that you understand how complex chords come into play.   You are going to improvise the song with basic chord progression by EAR.

I put in a section on Easy Improvisation.  I show you different ways to improvise around the chord progressions so that you learn "tone motion voice leading".  Even when you don't play the actual melody of the song, you can hear the song in the background when you play the harmonic chord progressions. This is a good ear training program to help you play many standard and pop songs by EAR.

Second, Learn 2-5 Powr Chord Rules & Chord Substitutions to "Unchained Melody Improvisation". 

In this song, I teach you how to use 2-5 Power chords to reharmonize the song from the harmonic basic chord foundation.  

  • Learn how an easy chord progression of using 2-5 standards chord progressions. 

  •  Learn how to create half-step chromatic movement to create descending sounding basslines.  

In the full arrangement, you will be playing the song in Key of G with the following chords: 

  • C

  • CM9

  • C7

  • Am11

  • Am7

  • F7#11

  • Em7

  • Bm7b5

  • E7b9

  • Gm7

  • Fm7

  • Bb7

  • F#m7b5

  • B7

  • A7

  • A7b9

  • Am7/G

  • Am13/F#

  • F13

  • C6/9 

Come on in and join us,



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