Play Piano 9: Improvise on The Way You Look Tonight Chords

Play and Improvise on chord progression of The Way You look Tonight in C Key & Eb Key. Learn Key Modulation changing key

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Play Piano 9:  Improvise on The Way You Look Tonight Chords


Play Piano 9:  Play Popular Songs By Ear Using Chord Progression!  Improvise & Put 2-5 Power Chords to "The Way You Look Tonight"  + WORKBOOKS

I have developed this Amazing 2-5 Power Chord Reharmonization Method to help you gain success to playing your favorite standards.


 2-5 Power Chords are found in many standards and popular movie themes.  They make rich full sounds that will captivate your audience wanting more.

In this song "The Way You Look Tonight", I show you how to take a tune from its basic harmony  ( I  IV  V7 )  to advanced sophisticated chords.  

"The Way You Look Tonight" is a song featured in the film Swing Time, originally performed by Fred Astaire.  It won the Academy Award for Best Original Song in 1935.   The song was written by Jermoe Kern with lyrics by Dorothy Fields and has become an all time favorite standard.

First, we need to establish a harmonic foundation to the song with basic chords so that you understand how complex chords come into play.  

I also put in a section on Easy Improvisation.  I show you different ways to improvise around the chord progressions so that you learn "tone motion voice leading".  Even when you don't play the actual melody of the song, you can hear the song in the background when you play the harmonic chord progressions. This is a good ear training program to help you play many standard and pop songs by EAR.

Here's a Secret to this song:  There is a CHANGE of Key in the Bridge.

  • If you play this entire song in 1 Key, you will hit a brick wall.

  • There is a change of Key in the Bridge Section.

  • If you play this in Key of C, the Bridge will be Eb key.

  • If you play this in Key of Eb, the Bridge will be Gb key.

In is Song, on top of  learning improvisation, I will also include a section on Rule to Do Key Modulation!  In this way, you will learn how to transpose a song from one Key to the next easily.

Learn 2-5 Powr Chord Rules & Chord Substitutions to "The Way You Look Tonight".  

In this song, I teach you how to use 2-5 Power chords to reharmonize the song from the harmonic basic chord foundation.

In the full arrangement, you will be playing these chords: From C Key to Eb Key

  • EbM7

  • Edim7

  • Cm7

  • Fm7

  • Bb7

  • Gm7

  • F#dim7

  • Dm7

  • D7

  •  G7

  • A7

  •  Em7,

  • Em7b5

  • Am7

  • C7

  • CM9

  • F

  • G7b9

Come on in and join us, Rosa


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What You Will Learn!

  • IMPROVISE on the chord progression of The Way You Look Tonight
  • LISTEN to the basic harmonic sounds of The Way You Look Tonight
  • PLAY Left Hand Smooth Closed Voicing to the 2-5 Power Chords
  • IDENTIFY the basic chords of the song
  • APPLY 2-5 Major Chords to the song
  • APPLY 2-5 Minor Chords to the song
  • IMPROVISE with Left Hand Ballad Swing
  • PLAY runs and filler tones in the improvisation
  • CREATIVELY play over the chord progression of the song

Who Should Attend!

  • students who want to play by ear
  • students who want to learn to improvise
  • students who love to play standards and popular songs



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