Legal Accounting

Solicitors Accounts Rules - based on UK bookkeeping rules.

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Legal Accounting


The Legal Bookkeeping course is about how to do solicitors accounts using the England & Wales (UK) Solicitors Accounts Rules (SARs).

The learning is structured in a practical way. There is a workbook which we work through together. You can pause the video at any point, have a go at the exercise yourself, and then watch the video, or watch the video, do the exercise, and then check your answers.

There are various tasks to complete. You are given the task to do and have a go at, and then the video answer is available. It is suggested that you:

  1. Read the task
  2. Watch the video
  3. Have a go at it yourself on your own system
  4. Rewatch the video (if necessary) - to reinforce the learning

You’ll learn about double entry bookkeeping, petty cash, partnership accounts, how a solicitors office should run, keeping accounting records, recording transactions, residual balances, client account, office account, vat, methods of dealing with interest, how a solicitors office should run - amongst over things.

This is a useful course if:

  • You are thinking of working in solicitors accounts
  • You are going for jobs which have a requirement for you to know about the solicitors accounts rules
  • You want to put this skill on your CV, or
  • You are a bookkeeper or accountant and are thinking of taking on legal clients (solicitors, lawyers)
  • You are a bookkeeper and want to 'get into' solicitors accounts

The course isn't based on any specific software. All exercises are based on excel spreadsheets, so you can apply the knowledge in this course to any (UK) law firm / practice that you work in.

The course materials includes a 100+ page workbook.

The course will take about 12 hours to complete.

It is relevant to the UK market (solicitors and lawyers).

What You Will Learn!

  • By the end of the course you will have a better understanding and grasp of the bookkeeping function within a law firm in England & Wales (UK)
  • In this course, you will learn about:
  • Double entry bookkeeping
  • Petty Cash
  • Partnership accounts
  • How a solicitors office should run
  • How to keep accounting records
  • Recording transactions
  • Transfering client ledgers
  • Inter client transfers
  • Residual balances
  • Mixed money
  • VAT introduction
  • Disbursements
  • Bad debts
  • Deposit interest and client interest
  • Designated deposit accounts
  • Property and probate

Who Should Attend!

  • Bookkeepers, Legal cashiers and Accountants
  • Students who are going for jobs where the requirement is to know about the solicitors accounts rules
  • Those who have studied accounting, but want specifically to know about accounting in law firms



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  • Law






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