How to be vigilant during the hospital stay of a loved one?

How can you help in the quick recovery of your loved one

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How to be vigilant during the hospital stay of a loved one?


This Course is intended to aid those who have a loved one in the hospital in a practical and methodical manner. It thus focuses on vigilance as it relates to surveillance and interest in a healthy recovery of the patient by examining  several aspects of hospital staff, patient and the environment namely: doctors, nurses, nurses aides, social workers, among others and the patient himself or herself and the loved one. The lessons include topics such as research, attentiveness, and watchfulness, intuition, requests to be made to doctors, nurses, nurse managers and nurse aides. They also cover areas of timings, schedules, shifts and administration, pharmacy and social services. Other topics include cooperation, communication and compliance with treatment. Examples of requests and other unique settings are also provided. The goal of the course is to provide a means for a health and fast recovery of a patient. The author used her medical background along with her research skills and personal experiences with friends and family visitations during hospital stay to create this Video Course. The Course also aims to reduce the stress and provide methods to counter the lack of knowledge with simple steps, based on each family and friend's personality. Finally, this course is also helpful for those in allied health studies and  clinical and hospital administration setting.

What You Will Learn!

  • How to deal with doctors, nurses and other medical staff about patient concerns
  • Influence in the recovery of a loved one; understand how hospital management works from a patient's perspective
  • Apply the knowledge and skills learnt in the Course when in a Hospital setting

Who Should Attend!

  • Those who have a loved one in the Hospital;
  • Healthcare profession aspiring students ; Health Administration students; Hospital Management students



  • Caregiving
  • Healthcare






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