Yoga Teacher Training 100 Hour - Category Three

Sacred Spiral Yoga - Altered States of Awareness and Sacred Sound

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Yoga Teacher Training 100 Hour - Category Three


This Category 3 of our 100 hour Y.A.I accredited Yoga Teachers Training, covers Sacred Sound and Mantra for our spiritual practice.

Sound and vibration performed with deep intention and feeling, known as Pranava, has the ability to cut quickly past the day to day usual state of awareness and take us into altered states of consciousness. Needless to say the 'monkey mind' is not invited and takes a serious back seat - a great relief for all of us.

Light Meditation is a lightly altered state, Deep Meditation is a deeply altered state. So, also included are lectures on Meditation, Relaxation, Contemplation and Visualisation.

Examples and real life practical situations are given. Video and Audio sections offer material we can listen to and chant along with.

I have also included some extremely powerful Subliminal Audios, where the messaging is just below normal hearing level. Some guided Mp3's are also available covering deep meditation and Relaxation.

Please bear in mind that all 6 categories have to be completed before any Yoga Alliance International Certificates will be issued.

What You Will Learn!

  • This Category Three of our 100 Yoga Teacher Training covers Mantra and Sacred Sound, Meditation, Contemplation, Relaxation and Visualisation.

Who Should Attend!

  • Students already enrolled in our first two categories for 100 hour Teacher Training. New students to the program are also welcome.



  • Meditation
  • Yoga






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