Art of Cutting Vegetables Like a Pro

Master the Skill of Cutting Vegetables

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Art of Cutting Vegetables Like a Pro


This course is to master the art of cutting vegetables like a pro. Anyone who wants to cook whether professionally (or) at home needs to know how to use a knife. There are various knifes which have its own purpose to be used in the kitchen operation. Learning about different types of knifes and its uses in the kitchen operation, will help you to mold your cutting skill more appropriately. As when you choose the right knife's based on it's unique purposes, your cutting operation becomes much more simple.

How to hold knife while cutting is a very basic skill, should definitely learnt by every cooks in the world, because learning how to hold and use knife promptly will not only help you work safely with knife but will also enable you to work faster and smarter. Simply it will make you to work much more efficient in the kitchen. During the busy kitchen operation, this skill will save you ample amount of time.

If safety and speed weren't enough incentive, this skill will also allow you to cut your food uniformly. Uniformity is important because, each individual pieces of vegetables with same size & shape, will be cooked at the same rate of time and will be cooked perfectly, which tastes and looks delicious.

This skill will also enable you to make nice presentations to your dishes. For the nice presentation, art of cutting vegetables skills is very important to be mastered.

You will also learn about the different types of cuts within each vegetables. Julienne, Jardiniere, Macedoine, Brunoise, Slicing, Paring, Chiffonade, Paysanne, Wedges, Mirepoix.

By the end of this course, you will be more confident to enter into your Kitchen and make wonderful creative cuts of vegetables like professionals and also you could be able to make nice presentation of your recipes, with the nicely cut vegetables.

Opportunity to learn to culinary skills from the scratch.

What You Will Learn!

  • This course is all about art of cutting vegetables in a professional manner
  • Getting to know about differences between different types of cuts and it's uses
  • Mastering the skill of cutting the vegetables could save ample amount of time in your kitchen operation
  • This course is mainly for the people who are interested in learning the culinary arts from the basic
  • Covered 20 different types of vegetables and different cuts associated with it
  • Also touched basics of which type of cut goes well with which type of recipes
  • Could help chefs, cooks and including homemakers to cut vegetables like a pro at their kitchen

Who Should Attend!

  • Hotel Management Students
  • Budding Chef
  • cooks
  • Anyone who is interested in learning about the basics of kitchen operation
  • Any People wanted to understand and practice how to cut vegetables like a professionals
  • Homemakers
  • Trainees in the veg prep section of the Hotels



  • Cooking






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