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Privacy and Data Protection, Certified GDPR Compliance

Unique course, instructed by Top EU Expert (Chairman EU Certification Committee of EADPP), made...

Ratings: 4.47/5.00     Lectures: 55  Subscribers: 438

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English for Business and Law - Contract Law

This course develops business and legal English vocabulary, legal reading skills and listening. ...

Ratings: 4.55/5.00     Lectures: 33  Subscribers: 415

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Curso Completo - O Legítimo Interesse e a LGPD

IMPORTANTE: Embora o presente curso on-line tenha como base o livro "Legitimo Interesse e a LDPDP",...

Ratings: 4.64/5.00     Lectures: 8  Subscribers: 407

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Starting a Business: How to Incorporate Your Business

When you start a business, you must decide on a legal structure for it. Forming a business entity is...

Ratings: 3.81/5.00     Lectures: 18  Subscribers: 388

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Marka Hukuku

Bu kurs herhangi bir şekilde bu alana ilgi duyanlar, marka vekilleri ve marka vekil adayları için ge...

Ratings: 4.16/5.00     Lectures: 24  Subscribers: 382

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Sözleşme Hazırlama Eğitimi

Sözleşme, iki ya da daha çok kişinin ya da kuruluşun, karşılıklı ve birbirine uygun irade beyanıyla...

Ratings: 4.47/5.00     Lectures: 7  Subscribers: 367

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Business Law: Even Santa has a Clause

To a great extent, business activity across the world is carried on within a capitalist, market-base...

Ratings: 4.13/5.00     Lectures: 27  Subscribers: 345

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Space Law 101

This course covers the basics of space law and describes the business opportunities in outer space...

Ratings: 4.24/5.00     Lectures: 5  Subscribers: 305

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Pelindungan Data Pribadi dan Kebijakan Privasi

Course ini menjelaskan aspek hukum Pelindungan Data Pribadi melalui komparasi ketentuan antara Ranca...

Ratings: 4.26/5.00     Lectures: 18  Subscribers: 298

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Créer sa microentreprise ou autoentreprise pas à pas

Dans cette formation, je vous présente les formalités à accomplir pour créer votre micro-entreprise...

Ratings: 4.58/5.00     Lectures: 31  Subscribers: 295

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Haksız Rekabet Hukuku

Dürüstlük kuralına aykırı davranış ve ticari uygulamalar ve bunlardan doğan hukuki sorumluluk, günde...

Ratings: 4.08/5.00     Lectures: 5  Subscribers: 291

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Tyoosis Global Patent Search Analysis

The course will take maximum 8 hours to complete and is divided into 9 major course sections, con...

Ratings: 4.08/5.00     Lectures: 48  Subscribers: 276

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DSGVO für Selbständige, Ihr eigenes Datenschutzsystem

Guten TagSie benötigen eine Datenschutzerklärung? Nicht sicher, was die DSGVO ist, aber Sie müssen e...

Ratings: 4.27/5.00     Lectures: 54  Subscribers: 269

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Proteção Digital e Autoral

Neste treinamento você aprenderá como proteger seu conteúdo ou obra autoral. Ao final desse treiname...

Ratings: 4.00/5.00     Lectures: 28  Subscribers: 243

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LAW: Write Draft & Negotiate Business Contracts (Samples)

We all encounter situations in life in business that require written contracts or agreements. ...

Ratings: 4.23/5.00     Lectures: 11  Subscribers: 235

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GDPR Compliance Cookbook

Before we start, if you only need an introduction to the GDPR, this is NOT the course for you -...

Ratings: 4.37/5.00     Lectures: 17  Subscribers: 231

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私は日本で暮らす外国人の方のために入国管理局への在留資格(ビザ)の申請や相談に多数応じています。 そ...

Ratings: 3.55/5.00     Lectures: 5  Subscribers: 218

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Tyoosis Patent Drafting Course for Pharmaceutical Inventions

The course will take maximum 11 hours to complete and is divided into 7 major course sections, consi...

Ratings: 4.17/5.00     Lectures: 48  Subscribers: 162

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Intro to HIPAA for Covered Entities

HIPAA – the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act – has been around since 1996 and app...

Ratings: 4.33/5.00     Lectures: 21  Subscribers: 147

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Everyday, businesses use contracts to memorialize the terms of a business transaction and manage ris...

Ratings: 3.89/5.00     Lectures: 26  Subscribers: 129

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