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Privacy by Design: Direto ao ponto (LGPD, GDPR, CCPA, etc)

O curso “Privacidade por design: direto ao ponto”, desenvolvido pela GetGlobal International, ensina...

Ratings: 4.10/5.00     Lectures: 10  Subscribers: 232

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Kompaktkurs: Arbeitsrecht - Die wichtigsten Themen

Wo Menschen zusammenkommen sind Konflikte nur eine Frage der Zeit.Insbesondere auf die Arbeitswelt t...

Ratings: 3.16/5.00     Lectures: 13  Subscribers: 232

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Ratings: 4.01/5.00     Lectures: 37  Subscribers: 227

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Learn How to Write a Contract

This course teaches students about contract drafting, contract law, and whether a written contract i...

Ratings: 3.95/5.00     Lectures: 12  Subscribers: 205

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Les cotisations sociales en microentreprise / autoentreprise

En tant que microentrepreneur ou autoentrepreneur, vous devez gérer les déclarations et le paiement...

Ratings: 4.53/5.00     Lectures: 9  Subscribers: 204

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Certificate Course in Patentability Search

Patentability search is performed to ensure patentability of invention on the scale of novelty, non-...

Ratings: 4.07/5.00     Lectures: 8  Subscribers: 202

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Learn Intellectual Property

In this course you will learn the fundamental framework of Intellectual Property.This course provide...

Ratings: 4.29/5.00     Lectures: 28  Subscribers: 199

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Independent Directors Preparatory Test

First and foremost Congratulations for making it to this page and thinking about being an Independen...

Ratings: 3.22/5.00     Lectures: 0  Subscribers: 199

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Everyday, businesses use contracts to memorialize the terms of a business transaction and manage ris...

Ratings: 4.26/5.00     Lectures: 26  Subscribers: 187

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Defense of a DUI Breathalyzer Charge by an Ontario Attorney

Scientific reliability of the measurement result is the only reason why Canada's per se (we cal...

Ratings: 5.00/5.00     Lectures: 20  Subscribers: 185

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Blockchain ve Kripto Para Hukuku

Kripto para birimleri, kriptografi (şifreleme) temelli blockchain kullanılarak oluşturulan, fiziksel...

Ratings: 3.50/5.00     Lectures: 9  Subscribers: 185

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Business Law Essentials

If you're a small business owner, entrepreneur or lawyer in a different field of law, this course is...

Ratings: 4.35/5.00     Lectures: 9  Subscribers: 182

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CCPA - Overview of the California Data Privacy Law

This comprehensive introductory course will give you the clarity and background to understand data p...

Ratings: 4.00/5.00     Lectures: 16  Subscribers: 182

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Space Law 201

This course builds on the overview of space law your learned in Space Law 101, and examines the lega...

Ratings: 4.60/5.00     Lectures: 8  Subscribers: 179

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English for Business and Law - Intellectual Property Law

This course develops business and legal English vocabulary, legal reading skills and listening. ...

Ratings: 4.40/5.00     Lectures: 37  Subscribers: 179

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UG gründen oder GmbH, Alles was dazu wichtig ist.

Lernziel: alle Grundlagen zur Gründung einer UG oder GmbH mit sofortiger Handlungsmöglichkeit, sowie...

Ratings: 3.63/5.00     Lectures: 17  Subscribers: 175

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Interface of Artificial Intelligence & Intellectual Property

The course is divided into 7 lectures and 6 chapters. The first chapter introduces the course by giv...

Ratings: 4.26/5.00     Lectures: 7  Subscribers: 174

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Einstieg ins Internet-Recht

Allgemein"Auf hoher See und vor Gericht sind wir in Gottes Hand" Dieser Spruch ist uns wohl fast all...

Ratings: 4.63/5.00     Lectures: 28  Subscribers: 168

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MasterCourse: Relatório de impacto à proteção de dados-DPIA

O Relatório de Impacto à Proteção de Dados Pessoais (DPIA/RIPD) é um documento que possui a descriçã...

Ratings: 3.81/5.00     Lectures: 16  Subscribers: 165

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Space Law 301

Building on Space Law 101 and Space Law 201, this course examines the five space treaties in depth....

Ratings: 4.46/5.00     Lectures: 8  Subscribers: 162

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