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Learn how to DJ From The Wu-Tang Clan

WU-TANG CLAN LIVE ZOOM MASTER CLASSWant to become the next celebrity tour DJ? Want to DJ for class A...

Ratings: 4.60/5.00     Lectures: 49  Subscribers: 2380

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#2 Piano Hand Coordination: Nostalgic iBallad in C & F Key

Struggle with Many Pianists:  They do not know how to coordinate Left Hand & Right Hand.Rosa's M...

Ratings: 4.42/5.00     Lectures: 72  Subscribers: 2371

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Ultimate Shred Machine: Learn shred guitar techniques

This course is designed to help players get a better grasp of practicing and appropriately using the...

Ratings: 4.71/5.00     Lectures: 138  Subscribers: 2282

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Cómo tocar Blues en la Guitarra Clásica De Cero a Héroe

Hola muchacho/a:Si estás buscando un curso de Blues que te vuele la cabeza y la mente, que te abra n...

Ratings: 4.67/5.00     Lectures: 79  Subscribers: 2162

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DJ Techniques With Ableton Live: The Clear and Simple Guide

** UDEMY BEST SELLING INSTRUCTOR ** 100% Answer Rate! Every single question posted to...

Ratings: 4.38/5.00     Lectures: 26  Subscribers: 2155

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Play Piano 13: Improvise My Heart Will Go On Chords By EAR

Play Piano 13:  Play Popular Songs By Ear Using Chord Progression!  Improvise & Put 2-5 Power Ch...

Ratings: 5.00/5.00     Lectures: 91  Subscribers: 2056

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Taller de Escritura de Letras de Canciones Profundas 2023

Bienvenido/a:Si estás leyendo esto es porque te interesa escribir una canción. Y no cualquier canció...

Ratings: 3.41/5.00     Lectures: 37  Subscribers: 2023

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Music Theory - Melody, Scales & Modes for Composition

Welcome!"Melody is the essence of music."- W.A. Mozart------------------------The Course:The art of...

Ratings: 4.77/5.00     Lectures: 16  Subscribers: 1938

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Componer Canciones. Curso Básico

Con este curso adquirirás Herramientas para Componer tus Canciones.Ampliarás tus conocimientos music...

Ratings: 4.45/5.00     Lectures: 23  Subscribers: 1848

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#11 Hand Coordination - Flowing Ballad 9 - Because He Lives

#11 Hand Coordination - Transfer Chord Technique -  Play Flowing Ballad 9  to a song: Because He Liv...

Ratings: 4.47/5.00     Lectures: 35  Subscribers: 1652

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Play Piano 14: Improvise on Moon River by Ear Power Chords

Play Piano 14:  Play Popular Songs By Ear Using Chord Progression!  Improvise & Put 2-5 Power Ch...

Ratings: 4.75/5.00     Lectures: 88  Subscribers: 1601

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Curso Completo de DJ para iniciante com VirtualDJ

O curso de DJ para iniciantes com VirtualDJ é para qualquer pessoa que queira aprender, profiss...

Ratings: 4.47/5.00     Lectures: 21  Subscribers: 1500

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Orchestration Techniques : Writing for Strings

Let's face it: most string parts suck.When it comes to writing for strings, most composers, producer...

Ratings: 4.30/5.00     Lectures: 48  Subscribers: 1499

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Music Theory for Electronic Musicians 5: Structure

Welcome to the MUSIC THEORY FOR ELECTRONIC MUSIC Guide - Part 5!I like to think of this class a...

Ratings: 4.32/5.00     Lectures: 45  Subscribers: 1317

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How to Improvise Blues Guitar Solos For Beginners

So, you just got a guitar and you're a fan of the blues. Well, this course is a fantastic place to s...

Ratings: 4.36/5.00     Lectures: 29  Subscribers: 1162

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Kurs improwizacji pentatonicznej na pianinie od podstaw

W tym kursie przeprowadzę cię krok po kroku przez cały proces tworzenia własnych improwizacji na pia...

Ratings: 4.51/5.00     Lectures: 6  Subscribers: 1159

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Play Incredible Guitar Solos: Essential Exercises

"Ryan's course has taught me so much about guitar soloing that I couldn't have learned elsewhere.  I...

Ratings: 4.03/5.00     Lectures: 38  Subscribers: 1068

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Songwriting: Write Your First (or Next) Great Song Now

This flagship songwriting course is a labor of love. Written during the pandemic and over a year in...

Ratings: 4.62/5.00     Lectures: 98  Subscribers: 1066

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Componer Canciones. Curso Avanzado

Si realizaste el Curso Básico para Componer Canciones quiere decir que ya has adquirido una serie de...

Ratings: 4.70/5.00     Lectures: 32  Subscribers: 1064

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Blues Rock Soloing with Kris Barras, Part I

The Academy of Music & Sound has teamed up with world-renowned guitar player Kris Barras and Mus...

Ratings: 4.84/5.00     Lectures: 5  Subscribers: 1063

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