Executive Presence for Institutional Fundraising/Sales

The principles and practice of being a more powerful, memorable, respected and articulate fund manager/marketer

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Executive Presence for Institutional Fundraising/Sales

What You Will Learn!

  • You'll learn how to be more powerful and respected when selling an investment fund
  • You'll learn techniques to increase your credibility, authority and likability when selling
  • You'll learn how to leverage your subcommunication, body language and other elements to sell with more power
  • You'll learn what types of behaviors make you be more respected and memorable when raising capital, and which weaken you



Fundraising - especially with institutional investors - is a very competitive and demanding task.

Fund managers or marketers need to be at their best in order to present clear, promising investment opportunities.

Which becomes complex when we're talking about complex investment processes or assets.

The concept of "executive presence" can be very useful in institutional fundraising.

Communicators with presence are respected. Liked. Listened to. Remembered.

In an extremely competitive (and lucrative) position, it never hurts to have good presence.

Which is why this course won't just tell you how to achieve "good" presence.

But instead... great one.


Some people - including me - love to know what they're getting in a package.

And by this, I mean, EVERYTHING that is in the package.

So, here is a list of everything that this course covers:

  • What are the nine key pillars of executive presence, and the importance of each;

  • How to cultivate initiative. Why doing more, both in terms of actively presenting information, but also reacting to crises and difficult investment situations makes you more present;

  • How to cultivate your appearance. The image presented, the credentials you and the fund team, as well as associations with reputable investors or other institutions;

  • How to cultivate salience and vision. How to be a fund manager that stands out from others, having unique investment angles, strategies, opportunities, and a strong vision that is reflected in the investment philosophy;

  • How to cultivate transparency. Why sharing both the good and bad components of performance, risks, credentials and more elements is recommended - and required - to close significant allocations;

  • How to cultivate harmony. Why being streamlined in your communication and subcommunication - inside and outside - allows for succint and clear presentations, and why investors consider the quality of the presentation a proxy for the quality of the actual fund;

  • How to cultivate grace under fire. Not reacting in the face of tough demands and tough negotiations, passing on a strong image of stability that allocators appreciate;

  • How to cultivate rigidity. Why illustrating that you are selective about people, processes, investments and even investors makes you more present and memorable;

  • How to cultivate intellectual honesty. Why sharing the truth - whether it's convenient for you or not - communicates an image of a trusted advisor, an objective manager that is crucial for allocators;

  • How to cultivate tension and selectiveness. Why succint, clear communication is crucial for presentations, and why not immediately giving in to demands, but instead politely persisting makes you more respected and not less;


Remember that you always have a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there is no risk for you.

Also, I suggest you make use of the free preview videos to make sure the course really is a fit. I don't want you to waste your money.

If you think this course is a fit and can take your knowledge of how to protect yourself from manipulation to the next level... it would be a pleasure to have you as a student.

See on the other side!

Who Should Attend!

  • You're any fund manager/marketer who is already a good communicator, but wants to take it to the next level
  • You're any fund manager/marketer who wants to be more respected and seem more credible when raising capital



  • Fundraising
  • Hedge Fund
  • Presentation Skills
  • Private Equity






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