Intro to Business Law for Entrepreneurs (+Free Book!)

How do I Protect My Family? What Type of Company to Register. Dealing with Investors. Patents. IPO. Ethics and More.

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Intro to Business Law for Entrepreneurs (+Free Book!)


#1 Best Selling Business Law Course on Udemy! 

** Chris is the author of the #1 best selling business course on Udemy called "An Entire MBA in 1 Course." ** 

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What kind of legal company registration should I set up so that I protect my family and assets if my company gets sued? How do I protect my brand and products and make sure that nobody can copy them? What red flags and issues should I watch out for so that my investors can't take a larger percent of my company if my company has issues? This course will answer all of the aforementioned questions and many more. We will go through the life cycle of a company from founding to a stock market listing (initial public offering) to restructuring and or declaring bankruptcy if needed (there are significant benefits to doing this in many situations).

The course is taught by an award winning business school professor who has started several companies and sits on many boards. He has dealt with many legal issues over the years and he will share a lot of his legal knowledge with you to ensure that you and your family have protection; please also hire a lawyer when starting a company and when dealing with contracts (don't ever do it yourself). Professor Chris Haroun is currently a venture capitalist in the San Francisco Bay Area during the day and a professor at several Bay Area graduate business schools during the evenings.

What You Will Learn!

  • #1 Best Selling Business Law Course on Udemy!
  • Protect your family and assets in case your business gets sued.
  • Set up the correct and most beneficial legal entity for your company.
  • Understand how to protect your brand and company with patents, contracts, copyright, tramemarks etc.
  • Restructure your company and the benefits of declaring bankruptcy protection if needed.
  • Many other red flags to be careful of when it comes to business and law.
  • Understand how to avoid letting your investors take over your company (avoid dilusion issues).

Who Should Attend!

  • Anyone interested in learning about an introduction to business law (only practical concepts that you can use and no boring theory + we won't cover business law topics that are common sense).



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