Learning Organization

Theory and Application for Individuals and Organizations

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Learning Organization


This course in for students and working executives who are interested to learn about the concept of Learning Organization. The course has detailed exercises for practice on how to use the principles of Learning Organization in the daily life of an individual, and in an organization. This Course mainly deals with the Model of Learning Organization, developed by Peter Senge, who is considered the pioneer in this topic. It also gives a brief idea of how the other researchers have contributed to the concept.

What You Will Learn!

  • Describe the concept of a Learning Organization.
  • Demonstrate the behaviors of a Learning Organization with respect to the five pillars of Learning Organization.
  • Identify the learning behaviors happening in their organisations and take actions to improve these behaviors.
  • Create an Individual learning plan.
  • Manage team learning behaviors and learn to harness their positive effects for better performance.
  • Measure Learning Organization prevalence in the organisation.
  • Track the activities related to the 5 Learning Organization principles in the organisation.

Who Should Attend!

  • This course is for those who want to know about learning organization.
  • Students and working professionals who want to be aware of the concept and its application. Executives and managers who want to implement Learning Organization concept in their teams and organizations.



  • Learning Strategies






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