Get Tennis Champion Mindset Program a Tennis Winning Mindset

Become more focused on the tennis ball discover playing tennis in the maximum winning flow state of mind with Hypnosis.

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Get Tennis Champion Mindset Program a Tennis Winning Mindset


Get Tennis Champion Mindset Program a Tennis Winning Mindset

5 Star Review .

Excellent coverage of the fundamentals of hypnosis. Setting up of the hypnosis session worked extremely well. I went into trance very quickly and very deeply. This, of course was not my first experience using hypnosis, but it was a good experience. I hopefully will see an improvement in my tennis game as a result. The bonus EFT sessions were a really nice gift, as I have done EFT before, and the explanation and practice sessions were very well presented and will be useful. I have only Apple products; phone, computer, and iPad. Although I was able to listen to them I was unable to download the various sessions.

Tom Connolly

Hypnosis for Playing Tennis like a champion Guided Hypnosis was created to improve your mental game of tennis and to simulate a private hypnosis session 

Hypnosis will help you  Learn how to improve your mental game and performance of tennis this is exactly what this course will do for you. Because by using hypnosis you will be able to change how fast you react to hitting the tennis ball, because with hypnosis you can tap into how your mind speeds, slows and focuses.

If you drive a car or have been a passenger in a car you will notice that if you travel on a motorway when you leave the motorway and have to reduce your speed it seems as if you could get out and walk but if you tried you would find that you were going a lot faster. This happens because when you are travelling fast your mind speeds up and when you slow down your mind is still processing information at high speed.

So how is this ability going to improve your tennis, with hypnosis you are going to program your mind to speed up when you are in a tennis match this way you will actually see the ball move a lot slower and give you the edge of even more reaction time.

Also with hypnosis you will program your mind to see the ball much larger and how do we do this, I am sure you can imagine a tennis ball double its size in your mind, its as simple as that with hypnosis we will program your mind to use that image of a much larger tennis ball when you are playing tennis.

These mental changes with hypnosis will increase you tennis performance to play more tennis like a champion.

 in this Hypnosis course you will learn

1.  You will begin by creating an image in your mind of what you want so that you will know where you are going and playing tennis like a champion

2.  Learn a secret feel good trigger that will help you through any bad times or set backs on your way.

3.  learn how your mind and body work together with some fun but important lessons that will improve the results of this hypnotherapy session.

4.  Learn how you naturally resist changes even changes that can be very good for you

5.  Learn just how powerful words can be and their effect on you physically even if they are only self talk.

6.  Learn who can and cannot be hypnotized

7.  Learn how you can feel amazing any time you want to

8.  Play Tennis focus like a champion mental rehearsal Hypnosis bonus section

A.  Motivation for success Hypnosis

B.  How to use and apply EFT in the bonus section an amazingly powerful technique that can eliminate any limiting bad feelings that have been stopping you from playing tennis like a champion

What You Will Learn!

  • Hypnosis will help you have improved focus on the tennis ball as if the tennis racket and ball were much bigger and moved much slower
  • Feel more relaxed before a tennis match
  • Improved tennis performance
  • apply EFT to any negative feelings that you have
  • Feel good any time with secret trigger

Who Should Attend!

  • If you are not willing to make changes to have success
  • If you are not willing to be hypnotized to use the amazing power of your own mind hidden from your conscious awareness
  • Hypnosis is not for you If you are not willing to engage in all the important and essential exercises



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  • Sports Coaching
  • Tennis






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