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Business Law - The Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008

THE LIMITED LIABILITY PARTNERSHIP ACT, 2008After studying this chapter, you would be able to underst...

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Learn Drafting Commercial Agreement

Drafting Commercial Agreement Course is a practical course. By taking this course you can draft comm...

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Business Law MCQs Practice Test - Part 2

Are you preparing for Business Law exam of ACCA, CA, MBA, BS, LLB etc.? Do you want to test your kno...

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Certification Course on Code on Social Security, 2020

Covers New Labour Laws and Statutory CompliancesLaw has a very important role to play in what any HR...

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Introduction to the language of tax

A quick practical introduction to the area of tax law with focus on key terminology, collocations, p...

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Basic's of Limited Liabiltiy Act 2008

In this course, one can learn about LLP form Of Orgainsation which means The Limited liability partn...

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The Complete General Data Privacy Law Course

The General Data Privacy Law course is an engaging, illustrative, and interactive course. It is a su...

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Capital and Financing

ACCA is one of the fastest growing association, of Chartered Accountants of UK. In this course, we a...

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Navigating the Legal side of Business Leadership

Welcome to the Navigating the Legal side of Business Leadership course. This is the third course of...

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GDPR and CIPP/e: Deep understanding of key terms

Thinking of CIPP/e certification? Want to understand Data Privacy Law? Confused with the books? Welc...

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Business Law - The Companies Act, 2013

THE COMPANIES ACT, 2013After studying this chapter, you would be able to understand In this chapter,...

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Facultades de fiscalización del SII (Chile)

Bienvenidos al curso sobre facultades de fiscalización del Servicio de Impuestos Internos, destinado...

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Законодавчі основи вимог стосовно карантину

Цей курс розкриває детально кожну законодавчу вимогу, яку треба виконати. Це може допомогти Вам вико...

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Exécutif LGPD pour les ÉTRANGES

Le cours Executive LGPD pour les étrangers de Privacy Academy Brazil est le moyen parfait pour vous...

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믿을만한 시공사 찾고, 건축주에 유리한 계약서 작성법

행복한 인생 2막을 위한 4050의 온라인 강의 전문가, 인클입니다.저희는 인생의 3대 고민인 돈, 건강, 행복...

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Corporate litigation: Mergers & Acquisitions

This is practical course. In this course you will learn how merger, demerger and Acquisitions takes...

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Medios de defensa del contribuyente ante el SII (Chile)

Curso tendiente a desarrollar en el estudiante conocimientos teóricos y competencias prácticas que l...

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Royalty Accounts

Royalty AccountsContents:- 1. Royalty is payable for use of special right. 2. Royalty is payable on...

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Oyemaja's Law of Torts

In this course, you will learn amazing topics and concepts under the law of torts that are particula...

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