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Ciclo de Auditoría Tributaria (Chile)

En este curso, denominado “Ciclo de Auditoría Tributaria”, se abordará el marco legal que regula la...

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Marco Regulatório das Organizações da Sociedade Civil

O curso - Estudo do Marco Regulatório das Organizações da Sociedade Civil (MROSC – Lei nº 13.019/201...

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Business Law - Registration and Dissolution of a Firm

Chapter 3: The Indian Partnership Act, 1932UNIT – 3: REGISTRATION AND DISSOLUTION OF A FIRMAfter stu...

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Business Law Contracts: A Practical Guide

Don't know where to begin? Don't worry, this is A plain English step-by-step guide on how to navigat...

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Oyemaja's Contract and Company Law

In this course, you will be introduced briefly to the basic principles of contract. In this wise, we...

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GDPR Foundation: Basic Course

Why is this course intereting for you?This course offers you the essential training you need on the...

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Corporate Liability Ins. Rescission - An Equitable Remedy

A complete course of study providing education and training to allow the student, to learn how to de...

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Business and Human Rights

Human Rights are the basis for social development linked with the growth of the company. There are t...

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