Startup Idea to Pitch in 60 Days

Begin with a vision, conclude with a compelling pitch ready for fundraising success

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Startup Idea to Pitch in 60 Days

What You Will Learn!

  • At the end of the course, students will have a clear 7-step success plan to launch their Digital Product Idea as a Startup
  • Ground work to see whether you really have the entrepreneurship bug in you or you are willing to develop it, 5 ways to check how saleable your idea is
  • How to convert a Technology Product idea from vision to reality - the 7-step journey and how to do it in the right way aligning your goals with your vision
  • How to document the vision - Define the brand, USP (Unique Selling Proposition), a Paper Prototype, Mind Map, Product Release Plan, Wireframe
  • How to craft your Team Vision - Company Culture, Guidelines and Help to take the most important Decision whether to Build In-House or Outsource
  • How to arrange for money needed to run the show - How to create the Business Plan with Cash Flows and How to create an Investor Pitch Deck that blows them over
  • How to craft your web/app - What is a MVP (Minimum Viable Product), Your Target Customer Persona, Customer Journey, Look And Feel Data Security
  • How to market your product - Funnel Building, Content Generation, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Paid Advertising (FB, Google Ads), Marketing Automation
  • How to sell your product - Case Studies , Trials, Freemium Model, Community, Referrals, Word Of Mouth, Offline Marketing
  • How to provide state-of-the-art Customer Service for your product - The Complete Process



"Embark on your entrepreneurial journey with 'Startup Idea to Pitch in 60 Days,' a transformative workshop curated by tech industry veteran Anu Khanchandani. Dreaming of becoming the next Unicorn? Inspired by the success stories of other entrepreneurs? This workshop is your opportunity to turn your startup idea into a tangible pitch.

Led by Anu, with 25+ years of experience in top-tier organizations globally, this workshop guides aspiring entrepreneurs through a comprehensive 60 day program. Whether your concept is still in your imagination or you've already built it and need to scale, this workshop equips you with the requisite expertise.

In just 60 days, you'll follow the '7-Step Startup Success Formula' meticulously designed to transform your idea into a fully-fledged startup. Each week focuses on essential aspects:

- Developing and entrepreneurial mindset

- Idea Validation using the Ideal Validator Framework

- Documenting Your Startup Value Proposition

- Product Development (Web/Mobile App)

- Marketing, Sales, Post-sales

- Identifying the Right Team

- Pitch Deck and Fundraising

- Putting It All Together

Participants receive FREE bonuses , including User Persona Identification, Competitor Analysis, Keyword Research, Brand Guideline Document, and more.

  1. Video Recordings: Access weekly video topics for eight weeks.

  2. WhatsApp Support: Seek clarifications anytime during the course.

  3. Workshop Tasks: Complete weekly assignments, personally evaluated by Anu.

  4. One-on-One Coaching: Qualify for a 2-hour individual session in the 8th week.

Don't let your Startup Dream remain just a dream. Take action now and transform your app idea into a successful business venture. Anu is here to support you every step of the way. Ready to turn your vision into reality? Book an appointment and let's talk. Join 'Startup Idea to Pitch in 60 Days' and make your mark in the startup world!"


The workshops will ensure that by the end of the course, you create the artefacts for your own business idea. You will have everything ready which will boost your confidence in your business idea in a defined and structured way


As a bonus, I will spend 30 mins with you to discuss the artefacts you have created so that we can clarify your doubts and tweak the artefacts if needed.


After having spent more than 20 years as an Employee, Entrepreneur and Consultant in the Digital Startup industry I saw the journey and the challenges faced during it.  Be it product design, marketing, selling, funding each aspect of the journey needed to be taken up carefully - planned and executed with patience rather than rushing into it blindfolded.

Who Should Attend!

  • Entrepreneurs with a Business Idea
  • Software Professionals with an App Idea
  • Legacy Businesses looking for Digital Transformation
  • Employees aspiring to be Entrepreneurs
  • Students aspiring to be Entrepreneurs
  • Family Business Owners looking for Digital Transformation
  • Homemakers with Business Ideas
  • Retired Professionals wanting to invest in a Startup



  • Digital Marketing
  • Lean Startup
  • IT Startup






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