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7 Scientifically Proven Steps to Increase Your Influence

I'm going to help you increase your influence. This is a completely new way to think about...

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Presentation Skills Secrets:Delivering the Talk of Your Life

Ever wonder how people who give TED Talks put together such compelling, resonant presentations? This...

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Persuasion Psychology: 5 Proven Tips

Every day, we're bombarded by attempts at persuasion. Television commercials, websites, billboards,...

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How To Approach, Attract And Get A Date With A Girl Fast

You Are About To Learn Exactly What To Say And Do To Approach A Woman That Gets Her So Deeply Attrac...

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Learn Hypnosis In An Hour

This 'Learn Hypnosis In An Hour' course teaches you what you need to know to be able to hypnotise an...

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How To Write Like Malcolm Gladwell Series Vol 2.0

Welcome to the second course in my How to write like Malcolm Gladwell series. Fewer than 1% of auth...

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How To Become A Winner - Strategies For Killer Confidence

Would you like to improve your results and instantly start becoming a winner?Or perhaps develop kill...

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Mastering your own communication: The fundamentals

Using all of my 22 years experience as a behavior and communications expert to create a course that...

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Sales Mastery Mind Set Program Your Mind to Master Selling

Sales Mastery Mind Set Program Your Mind to Master Selling5 Star ReviewSuper great lessons to feel s...

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The Secrets of Charisma, Influence and Persuasion


Ratings: 3.84/5.00     Lectures: 28  Subscribers: 5555

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How to have a positive impact on people

When we come into contact with other people, whether face to face, online or in writing, we encounte...

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How to be a great TEDx Speaker?

This course though a series of Video Lectures shall make you a great believer of yourself. Explore d...

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As a Leader: Influencing Behavior in the 21st Century

Let me tell you a story. I worked for an organization that had many teams. I was fortunate enough to...

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Feminine Client Attraction

Feminine Client Attraction delivers uber-hot brand sexiness. Blended from strategic brand insights a...

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Communication Styles for Stronger Social Skills

Sometimes when you try to connect with someone, it seems as though you come from different worlds. Y...

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The Web Developer Persuasion Masterclass

Persuasion & influence are must learn subjects for web developers because they teach us why peop...

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Professional Presentation Skills for ESL Learners

Presenting in both interpersonal and professional situations, communications in international settin...

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Astrology - Keep an eye on your future with Cosmobiology.

This introduction to Cosmobiology outlines how and why we need to present Astrological charts in a s...

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Wedding speech made simple: Learn story telling to captivate

Frightened to speak at your friends' wedding? Lacking ideas on what to speak abou...

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Micro-Expressions with Science for Sales, Romance & More

Hi, Nick here.Let's cut to the chase: you're on Udemy to improve yourself.Whether it's design skills...

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