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KPI and metrics for Management Consultants & Managers

What is the aim of this course?Most businesses on the face of it look very complicated and difficult...

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Excel Aplicado al Análisis Financiero

Bienvenido al curso de Excel Aplicado al análisis Financiero que estabas buscando.¿Debo aprender a u...

Ratings: 4.56/5.00     Lectures: 33  Subscribers: 1583

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Intro to Financial Analysis and Managerial Accounting!

The purpose of this course is to teach you how to perform detailed financial analysis of a business’...

Ratings: 4.14/5.00     Lectures: 9  Subscribers: 1162

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Finance & Accounting for Management Consultants and Analysts

What is the aim of this course?During many consulting projects you will have to analyze financial st...

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Introduction to Accounting and Financial KPIs

KPIs are simple yet powerful tools to measure the health of any businessIn this class, I show you th...

Ratings: 4.16/5.00     Lectures: 21  Subscribers: 944

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Aprende a invertir en Forex

curso basico de conceptos para el mercado forex donde podras aprender los conceptos necesarios para...

Ratings: 3.15/5.00     Lectures: 7  Subscribers: 925

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Financial analysis through ratios: KEY BUSINESS RATIOS

For any individual wishing to discover finance, at some point he will be led to know or learn the fi...

Ratings: 3.32/5.00     Lectures: 9  Subscribers: 337

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Excel for Financial Engineering and Loss Reserving (CM2B)

Financial Engineering and Loss Reserving’(CM2) provides a grounding in the principles of actuarial m...

Ratings: 4.56/5.00     Lectures: 7  Subscribers: 253

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Controlling mit Excel - Teil 2

AllgemeinAls Controller kennen wir natürlich viele nützliche Formeln in Excel.Die Klassiker wie SVER...

Ratings: 4.10/5.00     Lectures: 16  Subscribers: 145

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Creating Powerfull Add-Ons for NinjaTrader

Hello and welcome to the course!Analysis is a big part of the trading game. We want to analyse trade...

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Practical Financial Modeling - building a model of Google

We believe that practice is the best way to learn. That is why we have created a practical course to...

Ratings: 4.49/5.00     Lectures: 42  Subscribers: 47

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Phân tích chuỗi thời gian trong kinh tế - tài chính

Khóa học về phân tích chuỗi thời gian trong kinh tế - tài chínhCác nội dung sẽ được đề cập trong khó...

Ratings: 4.25/5.00     Lectures: 13  Subscribers: 46

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Gestão do Fluxo de Caixa na prática

Olá! Desejo-lhe as boas vindas a este curso INCRÍVEL em matéria de Gestão do Fluxo de Caixa. Este cu...

Ratings: 4.07/5.00     Lectures: 17  Subscribers: 46

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Ratings: 0.00/5.00     Lectures: 24  Subscribers: 37

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Businessplan erstellen für Start Ups & Selbstständige

SONDERAKTION: Mit dem Code BONUS20 bekommst du diesen und meine anderen Kurse für den aktu...

Ratings: 3.80/5.00     Lectures: 9  Subscribers: 30

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Financial Analysis in Excel: Liquidity Ratios

Financial Analysis in Excel: Liquidity RatiosLearn Excel modelling to analyze financial statements f...

Ratings: 4.50/5.00     Lectures: 9  Subscribers: 24

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Finanzas estratégicas

Les damos la bienvenida a este curso de finanzas estratégicas para la toma de decisiones, si eres ge...

Ratings: 5.00/5.00     Lectures: 34  Subscribers: 9

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Excel Quick & Easy Dashboard Tutorial

If you're looking to enhance your Excel skills or add some new tools to your toolkit in less than an...

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Portfolio Management and the Capital Asset Pricing Model

This course has been designed for students studying Corporate Finance at the under-graduate or post-...

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Aktien Analyse Meisterkurs: Dividend Investing & Aktien A-Z

Du möchtest deine Ziele umsetzen, aber hast am Ende des Monats kein Geld übrig? Ich zeige dir wie du...

Ratings: 0.00/5.00     Lectures: 30  Subscribers: 6

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