Excel & Access VBA Dashboards and Projects -Super Advance

Real Data Super Advance Reports & Projects using Excel VBA and Access VBA - Magnificent projects

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Excel & Access VBA Dashboards and Projects -Super Advance


  • if you are an intermediate or expert in Excel  and Access vba then these report Automations and dashboards are very useful to you.

  • Dashboards are coming directly from your questions so it will give you a real feel of office work. You can use these ideas in your day to day work and create fabulous Projects and Dashboards.

  • Fantastic automation secrets are also revealed in this series.

  • Excel and MS Access reports can be downloaded.

  • Online support by me is available if you have questions.

  • How to create Excel Pivot Dashboards - Preview available

  • Agent Dashboard simple dashboard is created to begin with.

  • Create a Break Timer for Team members so that they can see their live break duration on system using Excel VBA - Its awesome tool

  • How to create a Tool which can help Team Leaders to supervise their team associates break timings. Using MS Access integration with Excel VBA- Using SQL and other recordset related loops - Highly Advance Level.

  • How to create a Tool using VBA Arrays and etc to empower user to find out the relevant information inside data and export it in a specific format.

  • How to create a MS Access Dashboard using its VBA to keep tracking of Visitors. It is done by using MS Access VBA.

  • Recently added one more outlook dashboard wherein you can send emails to clients at desired time and also can take follow ups on the auto mode. It is completely handled from excel and user just need to give email id and time. It is one of most advance report I have created using ms word, ms outlook classes and controlling it via ms excel vba.

What You Will Learn!

  • Super advance amazing excel and ms access based dashboards or summary reports. See the magic of excel vba and access Vba in these powerful dashboards.
  • Every dashboard file is downloadable and explained in a video pretty well. You must be good in Excel VBA and Access VBA because this series is not for beginers.
  • Extract outlook attachments at specific time and make pivots on that and create high level automated Reports.
  • Excel VBA Useform Tool - How to create break timer which pop up in your screen and keeps showing you break time in HH:MM:SS Format. It is superb automation.
  • Dashboard integrated with Access and Excel VBA Forms - How a Supervisor now can track team members adherence to break timings .
  • How to Create super duper VisItor time Record keeping Dashboard in MS Access using its VBA. It is awesome.
  • How to export filter data as per the color choice and headers criteria's using VBA Arrays- Highly advance Report
  • Some tips and secrets which you should know while planning to create any Dashboard based on Excel or Access VBA.
  • My recent dashboard - Outlook Emailers at specific date and time with follow ups - Its super fun and Super Advance
  • One more Voucher distribution dashboard is added today - VBA Userform - using arrays, vlookup, loops in VBA- Highly advance

Who Should Attend!

  • Students or professionals who work in excel and access 24*7 and looking to create dashboards.
  • Students who understands VBA (access as well as excel) and want to see the use of programming in dashboards and projects.
  • Students who want to take their career to new heights and want to shine in the industry through their powerful automation dashboards
  • if you are passionate about excel ,excel vba and ms access and its vba -come and join me in this super thrilling and powerful dashboards. See the idea ,logics and tricks used in these dashboards and use in your projects.



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