An introduction to Quantum Energy Healing Techniques

Easy & Effective Techniques to support yourself from daily STRESS, EMOTIONAL , MENTAL & PHYSICAL TRAUMAS.

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An introduction to Quantum Energy   Healing Techniques

What You Will Learn!

  • Understand that we are ENERGY BEINGS having HUMAN experience.
  • ALL emotions, ailments, moods are just vibrations and frequencies. How they affect our lives
  • Learning the importances of being in the NOW.
  • ALL healing can only occur from the NOW moment
  • Moment to moment we are a different person.
  • Every moment we are reset to perfect.
  • Learn simple techniques to support yourself from EMOTIONAL & PHYSICAL PAINS quickly
  • What the 5 Basic Universal Laws are
  • What is really REAL?
  • All Illness are also frequencies
  • All Beliefs are controlling you. Challenge your negative beliefs.
  • Respecting other people's opinions
  • YOU are the only person that can upset YOU
  • You can only find joy in the present


In this introductory course you will learn from Arram Kong's 22 years experience in the Energy Healing Field. This powerful course enables you to support yourself from your Negative patterns. You will understand how to cope with the Negative side of you and turn it into positive within a very short time. It has been tried & tested over thousands of hours during sessions. You now have a peep into the blue print to live a hassle free existence.

Who Should Attend!

  • Anyone who is interested in healing themselves



  • Energy Healing






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