How to Make a Dialectical Plan

Create a matrix dialectic plan for an essay, a dissertation, a general topic

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How to Make a Dialectical Plan

What You Will Learn!

  • Use matrices of concepts to create a plan for a general topic, an essay, etc.
  • Determine the structure of quotes, propositions, sentences, assertions.
  • Know the fundamental principles governing the matrices of concepts
  • Be able to reconstruct a complete matrix of concepts from one or two concepts.


This course is designed to provide students with the theoretical basis for developing a dialectical plan for an essay, a dissertation, or a general topic. The dialectical plan taught in this course is the matrix dialectical plan, which differs from the classical thesis-antithesis-synthesis dialectical plan. The matrix dialectical plan is based on matrices of concepts, a conceptual tool created by the author, which is multi-disciplinary and has various applications. The course describes precisely one of the applications of the matrices of concepts, in terms of the realization of a plan related to an essay, a dissertation, a general subject. The methodology thus exposed is also applicable to certain types of exam or competition subjects.

Concept matrices are a conceptual tool, whose essence is philosophical in nature. However, we are dealing here with applied philosophy, that is to say a philosophy that is intended to have useful and practical applications. But no philosophical prerequisites are necessary for this course.

The course is structured in five parts, which allow the student to master successively the notions concerning :

- the matrices of concepts

- examples and exercices on matrices of concepts

- the simple theses : an analysis of quotations, sentences or assertions, related to a concept of a matrix of concepts

- the compound theses : an analysis of quotations, sentences or assertions, concerning two or more concepts of a matrix of concepts

- the matrix dialectical plan

The course is widely illustrated: many diagrams and charts are presented. Exercises are also included to test the knowledge acquired throughout the course. In addition, these exercises can be used by those who wish to teach the theory and application of concept matrices to the development of a plan for a general topic.

Finally, please feel free to ask questions: they are welcome and I will be happy to answer your questions.

Who Should Attend!

  • Anyone who wants to create a dialectical plan.



  • Academic Writing






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