STRUMMING SIMPLIFIED: 51 Guitar Rhythms For All Styles!

Strumming and Fingerstyle for Acoustic Guitar & Electric Guitar - for Beginner to Advanced guitar players.

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STRUMMING SIMPLIFIED: 51 Guitar Rhythms For All Styles!


Having trouble playing your favorite guitar tunes?  Would you like to make your original songs much more interesting?  Learn the essential rhythms and techniques in this course. There are 51 cool Strumming patterns and Finger-picking patterns, in ALL styles of music!  Pop, Rock, Blues, Country, Indie, Metal, Funk...

STRUMMING SIMPLIFIED demonstrates, in detail, how to play each Rhythm using a different musical example.  Includes over 4 hours of video lessons, charts, tablature, drum beats to download, and more!

The Benefits:

  • Improve all aspects of your rhythm playing on Acoustic and Electric guitar

  • Play more interesting and complicated rhythms

  • Learn your favorite songs much more easily

  • Create awesome original music with the all new rhythms you've learned

  • Sing and play guitar at the same time much more easily

  • Learn to keep a more consistent tempo

  • Have a better feel in your rhythms

  • Play faster and more easily without fatigue

After learning these 51 rhythms and the techniques behind them, you'll be able to tackle any rhythm you run into, or want to create, in the future! 

As you may or may not know, Udemy has a 30-day, full satisfaction or your money back guarantee, and my course is absolutely included in that.  I have no doubt at all that you'll gain a ton from the course.  It's all about getting the foundations of playing down first, and that's what I focus on throughout.

What You Will Learn!

  • 51 strumming and fingerstyle rhythms on Acoustic and Electric guitar
  • Techniques for percussive strumming, palm muting, fingerpicking, and more
  • How to play along with drums beats (In 3 different time signatures)
  • Rhythms used in several different styles of music (Pop, Rock, Blues, Funk...)
  • Keep a more consistent tempo in your playing
  • How to play faster, and without fatigue
  • Get a better feel out of your rhythms

Who Should Attend!

  • Any guitarist who wants to improve their rhythm playing
  • Guitarists who want to be able to learn popular songs more easily, create more interesting music, or sing and play guitar at the same time
  • Guitarists who want to get better at playing different styles of music



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