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Energy Risk Professional (ERP) Part 1 2020 Practice Exams

" This is an unofficial course and is not affiliated, licensed or trademarked with GARP in any way"E...

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Safety Management System for Civil Aviation (SMS)

All the organisations across the aviation industry must have a Safety Management System. But what is...

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Fundamentos da Instrumentação Analitica: Analisadores de PH

Curso de instrumentação analitica basica, foco em analisadores de PH, nesse curso voce vai aprender...

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Ferramentas, Filosofias e Metodologias de Gestão!

Neste curso vamos conhecer algumas metodologias e ferramentas utilizadas pelas empresas no seu dia a...

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APQP - Planejamento Avançado da Qualidade do Produto

Alguns dos benefícios esperados ao adotar essas diretrizes incluem:Uma redução na complexidade do pl...

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WPS - Kaynak Prosedür Şartnamesi Eğitimi

WPS yani Welding Procedure Specification, kaynak prosedürü şartnameleri kaynaklı imalat konusunda en...

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現役CGグラフィッカーが教えるPhotoshop講座 違和感を感じない完成度を優先した画像合成の方法


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Gas Dehydration

Natural gas and associated condensate are often produced from the reservoirs saturated (in equilibri...

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Renewable Energy: Practical Introduction to Biogas and AD

Biogas is a renewable energy which is used to generate heat, electricity and fuel.If you ever wanted...

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CEP - Controle Estatístico do Processo

O Controle Estatístico do Processo (CEP) é uma técnica estatística que envolve a coleta, a organizaç...

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Kaizen e 5S

KaizenPodemos dizer que Kaizen é uma estratégia de melhoramento que visa a um esforço constante para...

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Yamaha VIP+ Training with RCX240 Robot Controllers

Ten video series to give you an introduction to using VIP+ with Yamaha RCX240 controllers. This is a...

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Eplan PRO PANEL - Schaltschrankaufbau in 3D - Einsteigerkurs

Hallo,herzlich willkommen zu meinem EPLAN Pro Panel Kurs.In diesem Kurs zeige ich Dir wie man e...

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CII - IF1 Practice Tests

Set of practice tests for the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) IF1 - Insurance Legal and Regulato...

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تطوير و صياغة المنتجات الصيدلانية

دورة مهنية حول تطوير المستحضرات الصيدلانية الجنيسة (Generic Pharmaceutical products)هذا المنهج مثالي...

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FMEA - AIAG/VDA - 1ª Edição

Desenvolvido com uma equipe global de especialistas dos OEM e Tier 1, o novo manual FMEA AIAG &...

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Government 4.0 - The Public Sector in Industry 4.0

Did you know that the world economy and humanity is at the verge of one of the most transformational...

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Industrial Energy Management

You'll learn the fundamentals of industrial Energy Management, important aspects of ISO50001, develo...

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Electrical Engineering - Further AC Theory

In this course you will expand your knowledge and confidence working with AC values. Complex nu...

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