Oyemaja's Law of Torts

Principles of torts law made easy

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Oyemaja's Law of Torts

What You Will Learn!

  • Have a general overview and understanding of key areas of torts as it relates to business activities
  • Learn the principles as it relates to each key area
  • Identify problems and apply principles learnt to the problems
  • Give advice and suggestions based on principles applied to problems


In this course, you will learn amazing topics and concepts under the law of torts that are particularly relevant for businessmen, entrepreneurs and owners of all sorts of organizations who are looking to have sound legal knowledge to guide them in day-do-day decision making process.

Key topics such as Trespass to the Person (Assault, Battery, False Imprisonment), the Tort of Malicious Prosecution, Negligence, Vicarious Liability under the law of torts, Passing Off etc. have been properly analyzed in this course.

The topics have been simplified for ease and accessibility for persons without a prior degree in law or law-related courses at the university level. It has also been made easy to serve as supplementary knowledge for persons who have a law degree or are currently enrolled into the university to earn a degree in law. Individuals, such as secondary/high school students, looking to study law and hoping to have a feel of it may enroll for this course.

This course has been prepared with reference to Nigerian law (which also includes common law) and occasional cross-references with other jurisdictions. This course is therefore suitable for non-Nigerians looking to have knowledge of workings of law of torts within the Nigerian legal space.

Who Should Attend!

  • This course is sufficient for persons without a law background and a supplement for persons with a law background



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